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How to fish with spinnerbaits

The Spinnerbait is a versatile lure, that, unless the water where you live ices over, can be fished year-round. Retrieval methods vary from burning the lure just under the surface with a fast retrieve, or slow rolling deeper water. Spinner baits are also a great choice for covering a lot of water, in a short amount of time. They can be effectively fished around rock piles, grass & weed beds, lay-downs & brush, piers, docks, and break-walls.

Blade types:

Three common blade types are the willow leaf, Colorado, and the Indiana blade. The willow leaf is good for clear to stained water, and over submerged weeds and through grass and wood. Colorado blades put off more vibration and are good in heavily stained to muddy waters, and slow rolling retrieves. Indiana blades are a combination of both the Colorado and willow leaf blades. Smaller blades can be retrieved faster than baits with larger blades.


Common sizes or weights are 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1oz. Determining the forage base is key in matching the proper size bait to be used. Also important in determining the size of your lure is water clarity and the depth of water you are fishing. In muddy water you may opt for 1/2oz lure, with a Colorado blade. By using a lure with a larger profile, the increased vibration of the colorado blade, and slow retrieve will give the fish a better chance at finding your bait in conditions with poor visibility .


Most commonly used skirt colors are white, white & chartreuse, and chartreuse. In clear water consider using natural colors, white with silver flakes, or clear with silver and peppered flakes. In muddier conditions consider solid chartreuse, black, black & blue, or black & purple skirts.

These are guide lines to help you get started. If you know fish are there and you are not getting bit, try changing your retrieve, or down sizing the presentation. Remember fish can become conditioned, so dont be afraid to try something different, by experimenting with your presentation youll be giving fish something they havent seen a thousand times before.

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