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Float n' Fly

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Float and Fly: the basics

The Float and Fly technique is a system, and the components in this system are necessary to properly execute this technique. Youll need an 8-10 rod, 3-way swivel, braided line, fluorocarbon leader, weighted bobs bobber, 1/32oz-1/16oz jigs, and fish dope.

The Rod:

The rod should be 8-10 in length, medium-light action, with a fast tip.

Fishing line:

The reel is spooled with your choice of braided line, I prefer VICIOUS 15lb/4lb dia., and this is tied to one eye of a three way swivel, attach the bobs bobber to the second eye, and to the third eye of the swivel attach the 4-6lb test fluorocarbon leader.


Jigs are made from various materials such as craft hair, and feathers. The common weights of the float and fly are 1/32oz 1/16oz.


Your presentation is determined by to key factors, weather and water clarity.

Stephen Hendrick of Punisher Lures suggests that on sunny days, and clear water to use a duck feather jig. On cloudy or stained water, to use a craft hair jig. In water with poor visibility, the craft hair will have more body, and movement which make it easier for the fish to find.

If you use bait scent, do not apply the scent to the hair, or feathers. Doing so will prevent the hair and feathers of the jig from moving freely.

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