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Buzzbaits SECRET WEAPON 5/16oz buzzbaits

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threadfin shad wounded minnow citrus shad chartreuse shiner moonlight snack
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Model No. Secret weapon 5/16 oz buzzbait
Price $9.95
Description Each Secret Weapon buzzbait features an in-line Quick-clip spinner blade attachment behind the buzz prop.

Fish zero in on that flashing, churning blade just above the Mustad ultra-sharp, wide-gap hook.

On the strike, the blade folds out of the way for an unobstructed hook set, resulting in a higher hookup ratio.

Every lure includes a #3/0 Mustad trailer hook, rigged with plastic tubing over the eye.

Use it to further increases your chance of sticking that bait-slashing bass, pike, or redfish.

Available Colors Code Stock
threadfin shad BZ 107 516 buzzbait
wounded minnow BZ 117 516 buzzbait
citrus shad BZ 129 516 buzzbait
chartreuse shiner BZ 208 516 buzzbait
moonlight snack BZ 228 516 buzzbait

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