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Jigs Buckeye lures 1/2oz mop jig

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Buckeye Lures - Buckeye lures 1/2oz mop jig

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Model No. mop jig
Price $2.50
Description weight: 1/2oz

Hand tied heavy living rubber. All Mop Jigs come with Double Rattles and a Mustad Flippin Hook

Available Colors Code Stock
mop jig,black 3/8oz MOPJBL38 mop jig black
mop jig,black chartreuse 3/8oz MOPJBC38 mop jig black chartreuse
mop jig, black blue 3/8oz MOPJBB38 mop jig black blue
mop jig, brown 3/8oz MOPJBR38 mop jig brown
mop jig, brown orange 3/8oz MOPJBO38 mop jig brown orange
mop jig, green pumpkin 3/8oz MOPJGP38 mop jig green pumpkin
mop jig, peanut butter & jelly 3/8oz MOPJPR38 mop jig peanut butter & jelly
mop jig, texas craw, 3/8oz MOPJTC38 mop jig texas craw
mop jig,watermelon red 3/8oz MOPJWR38 mop jig watermelon red
black blue 1/2oz mop jig
black chartreuse 1/2oz mop jig
black 1/2oz mop jig
brown orange 1/2oz mop jig
brown 1/2oz mop jig
green pumpkin 1/2oz mop jig
peanut butter & jelly 1/2oz mop jig
texas craw 1/2oz mop jig
watermelon red 1/2oz mop jig

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