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Spinnerbaits Nichols Pulsator 3/8oz

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NICHOLS - Nichols Pulsator 3/8oz
blue shad, hologram scale white & chartreuse, hologram blue shad, hologram tinsel white & chartreuse, hologram tinsel crystal, hologram tinsel chartreuse, gold scale hologram chartreuse, hologram tinsel spinnerbait, white & chartreuse blue shad, white blue metal flake green tilapia
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Model No. Nichols Pulsator spinnerbait
Price $7.89
Description WEIGHT: 3/8oz

Nichols Spinnerbaits feature patented, tapered blades that maximize vibration and sound like no other conventional blade. The Blade creates a unique pulsating action and gives off an unprecedented amount of flash. These top-shelf, hand-crafted Spinnerbaits entice strikes when nothing else will

Available Colors Code Stock
blue shad, hologram scale 1504-38 pulsator
white & chartreuse, hologram 1515-38 pulsator
blue shad, hologram tinsel 1564-38 pulsator
white & chartreuse, hologram tinsel 1565-38 pulsator
crystal, hologram tinsel 1567-38 pulsator
chartreuse, gold scale hologram 1614-38 pulsator
chartreuse, hologram tinsel 1666-38 pulsator
spinnerbait, white & chartreuse 20-38 pulsator
blue shad, white blue metal flake 40-38 pulsator
green tilapia 73-38 pulsator

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