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Crankbaits crankbait - model 106

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THUNDER SHAD - crankbait - model 106
crankbait model 106, BLACK PEARL crankbait model 106, BLACK/GOLD crankbait model 106, BLACK/RED crankbait model 106, BLACK/SILVER
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Model No. Thundershad MODEL 106
Depth 0-6ft
Price $11.95
Description The model 106 was designed to run 0 - 6 ft. and has a square bill so it can be worked around lay downs and heavy cover.

The square bill allows you fish the bait around wood structure and not get hung up. This bait hunts center and has a tight wobble.

Available Colors Code Stock
crankbait model 106, BLACK PEARL 31
crankbait model 106, BLACK/GOLD 06
crankbait model 106, BLACK/RED 25
crankbait model 106, BLACK/SILVER 01

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