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Jigs PUNISHER II 1/4oz hair jig

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PUNISHER - PUNISHER II 1/4oz hair jig
punisher II 1/4oz BLACK punisher II 1/4oz BLACK / RED punisher II 1/4oz BLACK /BLUE punisher II 1/4oz OLIVE punisher II 1/4oz BROWN
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Price $1.99
Description WEIGHT: 1/4oz

The PunisherII is tied with Craft Hair, and is flat on the bottom and in front. Forcing the hook to ride up when the lure is resting on the bottom or being dragged through weeds, brush, or laydowns. The head is also poured with the line tie at a 60 degree angle which helps transfer power directly from the rod tip to the hook point. This results in deeper hook penetration and fewer lost fish. The two wire weedguard is flexible and strong. You can easily bend or trim it to meet your individual fishing style.

Available Colors Code Stock
punisher II 1/4oz BLACK 2142001
punisher II 1/4oz BLACK / RED 2142002
punisher II 1/4oz BLACK /BLUE 2142003
punisher II 1/4oz OLIVE 2142013
punisher II 1/4oz BROWN 2142014

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